Principal's Message

As educators, we are grateful for this opportunity to serve your child. I believe that without a working partnership with parents, guardians and friends, we could not be successful in providing the education needed to build students who flourish, triumph and succeed. One of the ways we can help children succeed is to communicate. 

Attendance and tardies have been a very serious concern for many of our students this year at Cactus Wren.  There are many legitimate reasons for absences during the cold and flu season.  For those students who have made attendance and coming to school on time a priority, we thank you.  I am primarily concerned about those students who are missing school or coming to school late for reasons that can be managed. I pulled our attendance and tardies from the beginning of the school year through March 1.  These are Cactus Wren's statistics, which are very concerning: 58 students have had 10-19 tardies, 57 students have had 20 or more tardies, and 90 students have 10 or more absences.

I wanted to share these statistics because we need to work together to help our children get to school and make it a top priority to be in attendance and on time.  As educators, we are working hard to support your students to achieve their greatest potential.  When students come to school late, it is difficult for your child(ren) to feel ready to take in the information the teacher is presenting.  Our teachers try to provide support materials when students are absent or provide extra assistance when students miss school but many of the things students learn are no longer taught in a format that can be taken and done at home.  Much of students' learning is hands-on, visual or learned through classroom interactions and discussions.  I am also asking if you would avoid pulling your students out early unless it is absolutely necessary.  

I certainly understand that there are legitimate circumstances that may cause periodic reasons for missing school or coming to school late, but I felt it was important to share some of the concerns that are dramatically affecting our children's education as well as their future work performance in maintaining a job.
  • Please consider having your child set his or her clothes out the night before along with homework and other important papers that need to be returned.
  • Have students get to bed on time.  Some students are watching TV or playing video games and are too tired to come to school.
  • Supervise the department of your students to ensure they have left for school.
  • Set the alarm earlier if tardies have been a concern for you.
  • If you need help or support, please contact me so we can work together.
Please know that I have your child(ren)'s best interest at heart and want to help them become the best they can be.

Kaylene Ashbridge
Principal, Cactus Wren